The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania’s Landlord Toolkit


The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania has provided a Landlord Toolkit for small- and large-scale landlords as they face rental income losses and general uncertainty during the current Coronavirus pandemic.



The Housing Alliance’s goal is to provide a resource for landlords to foster productive and consistent communication with tenants. This solutions-focused approach guides how a landlord and tenant could proceed until rental assistance becomes available, the financial troubles of the tenant have resolved and /or rental arrears are satisfied.


This toolkit offers a solutions-focused approach of strategies that can be implemented immediately to manage the situation until federal resources and assistance makes its way to the homes of people impacted most.


In the toolkit, you will find a template of a letter to be sent to tenants discussing ways in which you are reacting to the Coronavirus pandemic and your process for working with tenants; a template of a rental repayment plan that can be used to help create an agreement with the tenant on how to pay rental arrearages and/or rent payments during the tenant’s financial hardship, a series of fact sheets on the recent moratoriums for evictions and utility shutoffs; and general resources for both landlords and tenants.


This tool-kit is not intended to tell landlords how to run their businesses nor should be considered legal advice. None of the documents are intended to change any of the terms or requirements established under the lease agreement between the parties nor waive or supplement any of the landlord’s or tenant’s rights or responsibilities under their existing lease agreement.