Self-Sufficiency Program

Self-Sufficiency Program

Community Progress Council’s Self-Sufficiency Program empowers and coaches low-income families to attain a family sustaining wage in order to achieve and maintain economic self-sufficiency and live free of public assistance.



‘Getting Ahead’


CPC’s Self-Sufficiency Program has two phases. The first phase starts with “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World” conversations where participants investigate how poverty affects their lives and their communities. Over 16-weeks, participants examine their current situation, build resources, and begin to develop a vision for the future, creating a plan for getting ahead.


Participants in the “Getting Ahead” conversations receive a stipend for each week of participation. In addition, a meal and childcare are provided. The program is offered in York City, Hanover, and Lewisberry with 6-12 participants in each group, and will run two times per year, starting in April and October.


NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Getting Ahead” classes are now being offered virtually in 8-week periods.



“I was intrigued to find that the other people in the class, as different as we all are, understand the financial and emotional burdens faced when dealing with a life on the low end of the (economic) scale. To get a glimpse into what life is like for people of a different culture and background has opened me up to realize how similar we all are.”   – Dan Green, Graduate of “Getting Ahead” and winner of Community Action Association’s Self-Sufficiency Award in 2019.





Next Steps


Getting Ahead graduates who are motivated and ready to transform their lives will be invited to participate in the second phase of the program – where participants work intensively with a Self-Sufficiency Coach to more fully develop a future story and create a concrete plan to move toward self-sufficiency.


Participants will be assessed and coached to improve their situations on the following self-sufficiency indicators: employment, income, housing, transportation, health insurance, education, childcare, and food and nutrition. Each participant will identify their strengths, barriers, and interests, and will use that to develop a goal plan. Every plan will center on attaining the education and training necessary to secure employment that pays a family-sustaining wage. Coaches will support participants as they acquire the education, skills, and employment they need to become financial stable.


Self-Sufficiency Coaches will build strong relationships with participants and will serve as mentors, advocates, and advisers. Coaches will tailor their approach based on individual needs and will hold participants accountable to their goal plan. Participants will be asked to sign an agreement with their coach that will outline program expectations and a financial support plan. We expect that coaches will work intensively with participants for up to 5 years.


As participants begin to lose public assistance, Community Progress Council will help to bridge the financial gap by supporting employment training and educational opportunities, subsidizing rent, or helping with car repairs, utility assistance, child care, food, etc.



Self-Sufficiency Program Funders




Community Progress Council’s Self-Sufficiency Program is also supported by hundreds of donors who have generously supported the agency during the annual Give Local York fundraising event, and other private donations.



Learn More


For more information about Community Progress Council’s Self-Sufficiency Program or to get enrolled in the “Getting Ahead” conversation, call (717) 846-4600, ext. 270 or email