Pre-K Counts FAQ

Pre-K Counts FAQ

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Pre-K Counts.

Why does my child need to attend a high-quality
pre-kindergarten program?

Children who enter kindergarten without all of the skills they need often stay behind and struggle in school. Quality pre-kindergarten (pre-k) prepares children not only for reading and math but also for paying attention, following directions and getting along with others.

Pre-K Counts gives children a chance to learn, become excited about school and be better students. They also have a better chance of being ready for kindergarten — a strong start that means they have a better chance of doing well in school, going on to college or career training, and getting a good job.

What can I expect from a Pre-K Counts classroom?

Pre-K Counts classrooms will:

  • Have teachers with the education and expertise to teach young children
  • Use a curriculum aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, which will help your child grow both academically and socially
  • Regularly review your child’s progress, and choose teaching and learning activities that are best for your child
  • Help you and your child adjust to pre-kindergarten and smoothly move on to kindergarten
  • Offer a small class size (no more than 19 students per two teachers) so that your child can have plenty of one-on-one time with the teachers

How do I apply?

Call Vicki Landis, Pre K Office Manager, at 717-849-1398 or email to begin the application process. Necessary items for registration will include:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Proof of residency
  • Up-to-date immunization records
  • Current physical or appointment for physical