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Anayancy Gutierrez's Personal Story

Anayancy Gutierrez came to York County from Mexico with a dream to become independent and give her family a more secure future. Anayancy believes that education is the key to her family’s success in America, and has been enrolling in as many classes and workshops as she can through Community Progress Council to help bring her family to financial self-sufficiency.

Among the many courses she’s taken since being introduced to Community Progress Council include GED classes, ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, financial literacy classes, nutrition workshops and parenting classes. Anayancy is absorbing everything she can to see her dreams come to a reality.

One of Anayancy’s most recent accomplishments was the completion of CPC’s “Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting-By World,” course, where participants are empowered to share their struggles, stories and goals with each other as a way to begin building resources and a foundation for financial stability.

As a next step, Anayancy has enrolled into CPC’s Self-Sufficiency Program, which pairs residents ready to make changes in their lives with a coach who will work with them long-term to create and achieve their goals. While Anayancy is just beginning on her years-long journey, her dream remains strong, and the benefits of her partnership with CPC and the education that she’s embraced has already had a strong impression on her.

“I don’t just see the days pass by or spend the days meaningless. Now, I’m busier and more feel meaningful, because I’m preparing for my future.”

~ Anayancy Gutierrez

Anayancy was part of CPC’s new Spanish-language “Getting Ahead” classes and is now working with a bilingual self-sufficiency coach – both important services that are now available to Spanish-speaking residents of York County.

Anayancy’s story is inspiring, and it all began through the connections she made through CPC’s Head Start program in Hanover, where her three children were enrolled in the no-cost pre-school program. She volunteered in the classroom and worked with her family engagement specialist to connect with classes and other programs, and to help her realize that her goals could be achieved.

“I see my future with great achievements, like getting the GED diploma, having a better level of English, having a job, doing what I like, buying a car, paying for our house sooner, supporting my community.”

~ Anayancy Gutirrez

Add to that her goals of going to college and perhaps becoming an early childhood education teacher with Community Progress Council, a goal that would bring her dream full circle to where it all began.

Anayancy Gutierrez

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