The Center for Disease Control has extended a national moratorium on evictions for eligible individuals or families until June 30, 2021. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t or shouldn’t take action now to prevent eviction in the near future.


In order to be considered a “covered person” you must meet the following criteria:


1) The individual must have made best efforts to obtain assistance.


2) The individual must be expected to make less than $99,000 or $198,000 if you are married and file your taxes jointly, for the 2020 calendar year.


3) The individual is unable to make full or partial rental payments due to loss of wages, lay off, or extraordinary medical expenses.


4) The individual has made best efforts to make full or partial rental payments.


5) The eviction would likely render the individual homeless or into shared living.



Below, you will find the Declaration Form provided by the CDC. If you are facing eviction and you feel like you would qualify based on the previously mentioned qualifications, you may sign the Declaration Form as a self-disclosure that you are a covered individual under this regulation.


You must give signed copy to your landlord prior to any scheduled court hearings. If there are more than one individual in the home responsible for rent, each individual must sign their own copy. We recommend that you give this to your landlord in person or by certified mail. If your case does escalate to the court hearing, you may also provide a copy of this letter to the district magistrate hearing your case.


Please note that you are still responsible for paying your rent and should continue to pay as you are able and all other terms of your lease still apply. Your landlord will still have the right to evict for other reasons outside of non-payment of rent.