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As the largest provider of services to low-income children under 5 in York County, we have a unique opportunity to interrupt generational poverty.

But too often, families living in poverty are shuffled from employee to employee, building to building, to facilities across our community to receive the services and support they need.

The decentralized nature of our current facilities is a key barrier to providing comprehensive, integrated services. And these services are critical to support true progress toward self-sufficiency.

In order for Community Progress Council to continue empowering families and individuals to realize their full potential, our building must be re-imagined.

Now is the time for the next chapter.

Community Progress Council will demolish our building and re-build on our entire footprint on East College Avenue. This new 50,000-square-foot facility enables CPC to continue building on our progress to achieve our vision: That all people in York County live free of poverty.

Poverty is a community problem that requires a community solution.

Will you be a part of progress?